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Concerns raised on Commission proposal for an EU services card

Insurance Europe has written a joint letter to the European Commission to express concerns about aspects of its anticipated legislative proposal for an EU services card.

The Commission’s proposal is expected to introduce a standardised “proof of insurance” document for host member state authorities, and require insurers to provide a summary of their customers’ “track records” (eg, a claims history statement).

The signatories of the letter were the European Social Partners of the Insurance Sector: UNI Europa Finance, the Association of Mutual Insurers and Insurance Cooperatives in Europe (AMICE), and the European Federation of Insurance Intermediaries (BIPAR), in addition to Insurance Europe.

The letter stresses that the signatories do not share the Commission’s view that insurance is a barrier to cross-border services and that this perspective is also not shared by representatives of other business sectors.

The letter also says that a standardised “proof of insurance” document would be difficult to achieve, as key elements must be based on each member state’s own liability or professional requirements regimes.

Similarly, a standardised claims history statement would be difficult to achieve due to the diversity of situations across the member states. Risks are always assessed on the basis of local circumstances, therefore, limiting the value of the track record in a different country.

Published 8 December 2016