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EU services e-card proposal

The European Commission has published a set of legislative measures that aim to further facilitate the provision of services in the EU.

While Insurance Europe supports the Commission’s aim to further improve the functioning of the single market for services, it is concerned that the insurance-related provisions in the proposal for a regulation introducing a European services e-card and related administrative facilities will not contribute towards this objective. Instead, they will introduce burdensome requirements on insurers without visible improvements to the provision of cross-border services.

Insurance Europe believes that the insurance-related provisions in the proposal are founded on the incorrect assumption that businesses are being impeded from conducting cross-border business due to a lack of available insurance. However, insurers can and do offer cover for markets other than their own, for example via an insurer’s Europe-wide network or brokers.

Insurance Europe believes that more emphasis should be placed on providing professionals with better access to information about the professional requirements for the market in which they wish to operate.

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