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European social partners outline best practices to ensure insurance workers’ well-being

A collection of case studies that examine successful initiatives to promote insurance workers’ wellbeing, as well as innovative solutions to demographic challenges facing the sector, has been published by the European social partners in the Insurance Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee (ISSDC), of which Insurance Europe, the European insurance and reinsurance federation, is a member.

The case studies showcase a selection of initiatives — with a particular focus on Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) — that promote work-life balance, qualifications and lifelong learning, health and safety at work, working longer and telework in the insurance sector.

Sebastian Hopfner, chairman of the ISSDC and chairman of Insurance Europe’s social dialogue platform, said: “The European workforce is getting older and many employees are approaching retirement age. This affects insurers not only as product providers, but also as employers. The ISSDC is, therefore, proud to present this collection of successful initiatives that promote workers’ wellbeing and innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the sector. It is hoped that these examples will inspire further initiatives at company or national level to tackle these significant challenges.”

As the case studies reveal, telework has become increasingly important for insurance employees in recent years, with continuing technological change opening up new possibilities. The European social partners in the insurance sector have, therefore, committed themselves to continuing to address telework, building on the ISSDC’s joint declaration on telework that was signed in February 2015.

Another topic that the social partners have been considering is “working longer”. The partners believe it is, therefore, important to develop career models that are fair to all generations of workers. Consequently, the partners are focussing on issues including active ageing; healthier and longer working lives; health and safety at work; and reconciling work and family life.

The case studies are available in a booklet on Insurance Europe's website here

Published 12 May 2016
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