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Boosting financial literacy key to ensuring growth and stability in European economy

Improving people’s financial literacy and understanding of insurance will play an important role in underpinning economic growth and in enabling society to overcome the significant pension challenge it faces.

Increasing people’s awareness of financial risks and opportunities from an early age will help them to make informed decisions about which financial services meet their needs. As a result, they are better prepared to engage in economic activity, which in turn helps to drive growth in the European economy.

The European insurance industry is engaged in a wide range of initiatives to increase people’s financial literacy and understanding of insurance, a selection of which can be found in our publication Financial education in a digital age — initiatives by the European insurance industry and in our interactive consumer focus tool.

Publication: Financial education in a digital age Policy recommendations 

Interactive consumer focus tool


Protecting your family

Insurance Europe has developed a short animation to explain the role of insurance in our society and the contributions it makes to the economy.


Global Money Week

Insurance Europe also supports the Global Money Week. The Global Money Week aims to teach children and youth about money, saving, creating livelihoods, gaining employment and becoming an entrepreneur. Every year activities are organised to create awareness, challenge out of date financial policies and give young people the tools and inspiration they need to shape their own future.


For more information, see also the article on the financial education in our Annual Report 2016-2017.

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