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Insurance Block Exemption Regulation

Supporting insurer cooperation that benefits consumers

The Insurance Block Exemption Regulation (IBER) is a key legal instrument used at EU level to stimulate competition and innovation in the (re)insurance sector, which in turn ensures that consumers are offered effective products and services at reasonable prices.

The current IBER, last renewed in March 2010 and due to expire in March 2017, sets out the conditions under which (re)insurance companies can cooperate in the fields of joint calculations and studies, as well as (re)insurance pools, without infringing EU competition law.

The European Commission is currently examining whether or not the IBER should be renewed. Insurance Europe maintains that the current IBER enhances competition in the insurance sector and that a full renewal of the current IBER is essential for both (re)insurers and consumers in Europe.

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William Vidonja
William Vidonja
Head of conduct of business