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Insurance Europe hosts data protection Twitter Q&A

Today Insurance Europe hosted a Twitter Q&A on why data is important for insurers and consumers, using the #InsData15 hashtag, as part of European Data Protection Day.

There were a wide range of questions, including:

Q: Do you think people should be able to withdraw their consent to companies processing their data?

A: The right to withdraw consent must allow data retention for performing insurance contracts, regulatory & anti-fraud uses.

Q: To what extent is EU data protection law impeding the accurate rating of risk throughout Europe?

A: A negative impact on consumers is expected. Proposed profiling rules would hinder risk assessment & underwriting.

Q: Are insurers against the right to be forgotten?

A: We support right to be forgotten if it respects contractual, legal & regulatory needs, & fighting fraud.

The team would like to thank all of those who took part by sending questions and retweeting both during and in the build up to today’s event.

Published 28 January 2015