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The potential impact of the implementation of the Test-Achats ruling in the insurance sector

In September 2014 Insurance Europe presented its views on the implementation issues raised by the Test-Achats ruling to the European Commission’s Gender Forum. The Gender Forum was established by the Commission to monitor the implementation of the Gender Directive and to bring together relevant stakeholders. The input given by stakeholders during this forum helps the Commission to draw up its report on the implementation of the Directive.

Insurance Europe underlined that the ECJ ruling is a judgement on the structure of the Gender Directive rather than a judgement on the use of gender differentiation in insurance. It also explained that it is difficult to get an accurate picture of the economic impact of the ban on the use of gender in insurance underwriting.

As there are many different concurrent developments that affect the price and coverage of insurance products, such as legal and regulatory changes at EU and national level, new risk factors and new product features, it is very challenging to isolate the effect of the ban and to provide a correct estimation of its sole impact on pricing and benefit design.

Published 10 September 2014
Malene Bye Rasmussen
Malene Bye Rasmussen
Policy advisor