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Removing barriers could increase uninsured driving

Insurance Europe is concerned that a proposal by the European Parliament to remove some key procedures for the re-registration of motor vehicles could lead to more uninsured driving and undermine road safety in Europe.

The proposals that the European Parliament Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO) will be voting on this week will give rise to the revival of trialogue discussions, that could ultimately lead to the removal of barriers that help combat uninsured driving in Europe.

Insurance Europe believes that existing registration systems designed to combat uninsured driving should not be weakened, that failure to re-register a vehicle should be penalised and that vehicles pending appeal following refusal should not be allowed on public roads.

Published 23 February 2015
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Nicolas Jeanmart
Nicolas Jeanmart
Head of personal insurance, general insurance & macroeconomics
Thomas Gelin
Thomas Gelin
Policy advisor, general insurance