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Updated European PRIIPs Information Exchange Templates (EPT and CEPT version 1.1)

Insurance Europe and EFAMA published updated PRIIPs information exchange templates. The templates were originally published in June 2017 and are meant to provide a functional description of the set of data to be exchanged from asset managers and banks to insurers to help them fulfil their PRIIPs regulatory obligations.

The changes to the templates version 1.1 (compared to version 1.0) can be summarised as follows:

  • The European PRIIPs Template (EPT) was amended by two optional parts (items 82 to 101). The first addition is relevant only for funds/structured products offered in the German market whereas the second part amends the EPT for data fields related to structured products which were not catered for in the initial template.
  • The “Comfort” EPT (CEPT) does not make any content changes, but merely provides two possible methods for the VEV calculation for regular premium. Please note that this template includes more data, so its delivery is subject to bilateral agreements between insurers and asset managers. 

The use of the templates is not compulsory. While the new items are optional, we strongly encourage stakeholders to use of the most recent versions of the templates to ensure operability amongst all users.

The templates are free of use, intellectual property and copyright. These templates are endorsed by EFAMA and Insurance Europe.

Insurance Europe is a member of the European Working Group composed of asset managers, insurers and their national associations that developed these templates.

Published 6 October 2017
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