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  • Save the date: 27 May 2015

    Save the date: 27 May 2015

    Insurance Europe's 7th International Insurance Conference, will be held on 27 May 2015 at the Luxembourg Congrès Conference Centre.

    The full-day conference is a great opportunity to hear from world-class speakers and network with around 400 delegates from over 40 different countries worldwide.

    Early bird registration will be opening in early 2015 and you can pre-register now.

    Take a look at our 6th International Insurance Conference event held in Malta here and there is also information available on sponsorship opportunites.

    27 Nov 2014
  • IMD 2 must benefit policyholders and be workable for insurers

    The final revised text of the Insurance Mediation Directive (IMD 2) should result in a solution that both benefits policyholders and is not unnecessarily burdensome for the insurance industry, according to Insurance Europe.
    Following the Council of the European Union’s adoption of its general approach on IMD 2 last week, the Directive will now likely enter into trialogue discussions between the European institutions towards the end of this month.

    William Vidonja, Insurance Europe’s head of single market and social affairs commented: "The Council’s adoption of its general approach is a major step forward in the development of IMD 2. It is important for the trialogue discussions to result in a solution that is both workable for the industry and that offers protection to policyholders."
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    13 Nov 2014
    EU Single market & consumer protection
  • Equal protection key for all occupational pension holders

    Insurance Europe has commented on the proposed directive for Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision (IORP).
    Insurance Europe supports the enhanced governance requirements, which are in line with well-established rules for financial service providers. Insurance Europe also welcomes the aims of increasing transparency, through the information provided to both potential and existing members, and beneficiaries.

    It stresses, however, that it should be left up to the member states to decide how to provide the necessary information. The requirements should be sufficiently flexible to cater for different national systems, while ensuring information is provided at the most relevant time for the potential and existing members, and beneficiaries.
    The omission of risk-based quantitative requirements raises concerns that members and beneficiaries of occupational pension schemes may not consistently benefit from the highest standards of protection.
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    06 Nov 2014
    Insurance of the person
  • Why insurers differ from banks

    Why insurers differ from banks

    Following the financial crisis, a large number of regulatory reforms have been introduced to ensure future stability in the financial markets. This effort is fully supported by the insurance industry.

    However, a worrying trend has emerged. There have been several regulatory initiatives directed at the banking business that have been applied to other financial industries - such as the insurance industry - without taking into account the significant differences between them.

    Insurance Europe’s new publication "Why insurers differ from banks" examines the key differences between insurers and banks, providing answers to a number of questions, including whether the activities of insurers and reinsurers are systemically risky, why insurers use derivatives and whether insurers engage in shadow banking activities.

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    05 Nov 2014
    Regulation & supervision
  • IBER crucial in supporting competition

    The Insurance Block Exemption Regulation (IBER) is vital in fostering competition in the insurance market and in ensuring the availability of a wide range of insurance products.
    It must, therefore, be fully renewed by the European Commission (EC) in 2017, according to Insurance Europe.
    Insurance Europe's full response to the European Commission's consultation can be found here.

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    04 Nov 2014
    EU Single market & consumer protection