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Position paper
21 February 2014
Insurance Europe believes that the objectives of improving transparency and of reducing the compl...
Position paper
4 February 2014
Insurance Europe responded to the first public consultation on the basic capital requirement (BCR).
Position paper
31 January 2014
Insurance Europe has consistently emphasised the importance to both SIFIs and institutions (SIFIs).
News/press release
21 January 2014
A decision was reached by the European Parliament, Council and Commission in a trialogue meeting ...
Position paper
17 January 2014
Foreign (re)insurers play an important role in the US market. A substantial part of US demand for...
Position paper
14 January 2014
Insurance Europe's response focuses mainly on particular areas that are important to its members ...
Position paper
19 December 2013
As in the past, Insurance Europe, CFO Forum, CRO Forum and their respective members, will endeavo...
Position paper
5 December 2013
Insurance Europe's response to consultation on removal of mechanistic references to credit rating...
Position paper
29 November 2013
Insurance Europe welcomes the opportunity to comment in writing on Discussion Paper VII, forming ...
Position paper
28 November 2013
Insurance Europe writes to express its support for the approval of the pending Insurance Act Amen...
Position paper
26 November 2013
The American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI), Insurance Europe and the American Insurance Associa...
Position paper
25 November 2013
Insurers play an important role in supplying the funding needs of governments, businesses and hou...