Empowering consumers through consistent and coherent legislation​

Insurance Europe is in favour of an effective EU insurance distribution framework that enables consumers to make informed decisions and protects them from unfair practices. To effectively protect and empower consumers in Europe, EU policy must be consistent, coherent and well-designed. This is, however, a considerable challenge.

Recent distribution proposals have been discussed in isolation, which has led to a complex and confusing legislative architecture. Not enough attention has been paid to the combined effects and potential unintended consequences of these proposals, such as an information overload for consumers, incoherent disclosures and duplicative requirements.

The EU Retail Investment Strategy: a chance to empower consumers and achieve CMU goals

The European Commission’s work on a Retail Investment Strategy is an important opportunity to empower consumers and stimulate their participation in financial markets, while making the regulatory framework simpler and more consistent.

How can this be achieved? Insurance Europe has five recommendations for European policymakers.

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