Capital Markets Union

Since the launch of the EC Capital Markets Union (CMU) project, the insurance industry has been fully supportive of the project’s ambitious aims to boost European growth by strengthening the single European market and stimulating the sustainable development and integration of capital markets in Europe by removing barriers to investment.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine has further magnified the challenges Europe is facing, including achieving economic growth and technological innovation, maintaining global competitiveness, and addressing climate change and ageing societies. The insurance industry strongly believes that recovery efforts should encompass the EU’s strategic priorities: addressing climate change and advancing digitalisation.

Insurance Europe is therefore engaging with EU policymakers to identify issues that need to be addressed for the CMU to be truly effective, including:

  • Addressing regulatory barriers to long-term and sustainable investment (eg, in the context of the Solvency II review)
  • Ensuring an adequate pipeline of suitable long-term projects in which insurers can invest
  • Improving the participation of retail consumers in the CMU
  • Promoting pension savings and long-term growth
  • Facilitating cross-border investment
  • Promoting global competitiveness
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Olav Jones

Deputy director general/Director, economics & finance
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Angus Scorgie

Head of prudential regulation & international affairs/reinsurance
+32 2 896 48 36