Motor insurance

Europe's most widely purchased P&C insurance line

Motor premiums accounted for 36% of all property and casualty insurance in Europe in 2019 and totalled €147bn. 

Review of the EU Motor Insurance Directive

The EU Motor Insurance Directive is an efficient instrument for protecting road users. Insurance Europe strongly supports the objectives of the review proposed by the European Commission in 2018 to increase the protection for victims of accidents and ensure policyholders are treated fairly. It particularly supports the EC’s view that autonomous vehicles fall within the Directive’s scope and the proposal to allow the use of new technology — such as number-plate recognition —in the fight against uninsured driving. However, the Commission has failed to provide enough clarity on the scope of the Directive, which Insurance Europe believes should be limited to vehicles used in traffic (as originally intended under the Directive). And the Commission’s proposal to standardise claims history statements at European level is impractical and without clear benefits to consumers.

Technological advances are moving fast

New technologies offer the potential to create innovative services for consumers and to make road transport safer, cleaner and more efficient. Indeed, connected and automated vehicles, intelligent transport systems and telematics are already changing the way we travel. To foster consumer choice and fair competition, it is essential that all service providers in the automotive value-chain can access the wealth of data generated by these new technologies. Insurance Europe calls on EU policymakers to take legislative action to ensure that drivers remain in control of their vehicle data. 


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