Insurers outline role in ensuring adequate and affordable long-term care coverage, and suggest ways to develop this further


Insurance Europe has submitted a response to the European Commission’s call for evidence on access to affordable and high-quality long-term care.

Insurers already play a key role in many member states by supplementing national healthcare systems with private coverage. This relieves pressure on those systems, and this role could grow in the future. This will be important given Europe’s ageing population and the challenges it creates in ensuring that EU citizens have access to affordable healthcare in old age.

However, for insurers to be able to play a bigger role, several conditions need to be met. For instance, tax incentives could help to ensure that insurance products remain affordable and attractive. Moreover, insurers are keen to explore with authorities how their role could evolve. For example, insurers could serve as gateways to healthcare services, especially those that encourage prevention, awareness and adaptation, which are areas in which insurers have significant experience and which are vital to keep healthcare costs affordable.

The European Commission could also encourage member states to develop approaches to reduce pressures on health systems and promote prevention, healthy lifestyles and the appropriate use of digital solutions.