Access to in-vehicle data

Insurers welcome proposed Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation extension; reiterate call for EC action on access to in-vehicle data


Insurance Europe has published a set of key messages on the European Commission’s proposal to extend the validity of the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation (MVBER) by five years, which it welcomes.

While the MVBER does not apply directly to insurers, it helps other companies in the automotive chain to assess whether their vertical agreements with the automotive sector are in line with EU competition rules. While currently emerging trends, such those resulting from digitalisation and new forms of mobility, will have been consolidated in five years’ time, there is a high probability that the MVBER will remain key for the motor sector. A careful re-assessment of the situation will, therefore, be crucial at that point to adjust to those new trends and ensure fair competition.

The Commission has also proposed updates to a set of supplementary guidelines, which the industry also welcomes, as they reflect the importance that access to vehicle-generated data has for competition.

Vehicle data is essential, however, not only for repair and maintenance services, but also for the provision of motor-related services, such as insurance. Indeed, guaranteeing access to in-vehicle data would enable insurers to incentivise safer and more fuel-efficient driving through usage-based insurance and other features such as driver feedback and coaching. It would also help improve insurers’ claims-handling and give them a better understanding of any potential new or emerging risks associated with autonomous driving.

The Commission should, therefore, guarantee a level playing field for all market participants via a legislative proposal. This should ensure that all third-party service providers have access to vehicle data through an open platform that allows fair competition, and which is not controlled by a single stakeholder, such as a vehicle manufacturer.