Consumer regulation

Consumer Hub highlights EU insurance industry’s many innovative and consumer-centric initiatives


Insurance Europe has published its new Consumer Hub.

Consumers are at the heart of the insurance business, and meeting their needs and expectations is essential to the success of the insurance industry. European insurers are, therefore, embracing innovative practices to increase consumers’ access to insurance and protection.

The new Consumer Hub section on the Insurance Europe website showcases many examples of innovative and consumer-centric initiatives by the insurance sector. These include:

  • Innovative products and services
  • Digitalisation
  • Enhanced claims management
  • Transparency and financial education
  • Clarity of covers and exclusions
  • Innovative risk management techniques
  • Initiatives to fight insurance fraud
  • Good practices in conduct of business

The tool provides information through an interactive map of Europe that allows users to click on specific countries to gain insight into insurers’ consumer-centric practices in that particular market.