Empowering the European Automotive Ecosystem: A Call for Regulatory Action


The European automotive and mobility ecosystem is at a critical juncture, requiring immediate regulatory intervention to ensure fair access to vehicle data, functions and resources.

Together with a number of EU-level associations representing drivers and independent service providers, Insurance Europe has called for EU-level legislation to facilitate access to in-vehicle generated data. The group sent a letter today urging the European Commission to swiftly present complementary data access rules, specific to the automotive industry.

Nicolas Jeanmart, Head of Insurance Europe’s General and Personal Insurance Department, explains that, “Having access to in-vehicle data would allow insurers to offer innovative services to policyholders, as well as products that contribute to road safety and sustainability. It would also enable the sector to better understand and price the risks related to new forms of mobility, such as autonomous driving. Importantly, it should be for drivers to decide what happens to the data generated by their own car. A dedicated, targeted piece of EU legislation is the only way to meet all those objectives”.