5 tips to insure your home wisely


To celebrate the beginning of Global Money Week, Insurance Europe has published five tips to help people ensure their homes and contents are properly covered and that they get the most from their home insurance.

The five tips are:

  • Choose the policy that is right for you — It is worth doing a little research to find the home insurance policy that best suits your needs, taking the time to understand what the insurance covers and what your rights and responsibilities are.
  • Review your policy regularly — Avoid any gaps in your insurance coverage by reviewing your home insurance and home contents policies regularly.
  • Reduce your risks — However well insured you are, damage to your home and its contents is distressing, particularly if you have belongings with sentimental value. You can reduce the risk of unwelcome events by making your house more resilient to everyday perils.
  • Making a claim — Should an unwanted event occur and you do need to make a claim, you should contact your insurer as soon as possible so that claims handlers can visit your property to assess the damage.
  • Explore new options — Through technological innovations, such as connected, “smart home” devices, insurers can now tailor home insurance policies better to individual risks.

Global Money Week is an annual global financial awareness campaign for children and young people.