New video: Insuring yourself wisely online


As our society becomes ever more digitalised, an increasing number of people are buying their insurance policies online. Insurance Europe has published a new video today outlining some things for consumers to consider, and highlighting some of the innovative ways insurers can support their customers in the digital age.

Going digital is not only about purchasing your insurance policy online. Technological innovations allow insurers to offer policyholders products that are better tailored to their needs, as well as more risk-awareness and risk-reduction services. Insurers also offer a range of digital solutions to assist their customers, for example by offering the opportunity to submit their claim digitally.

The video is part of Insurance Europe’s #InsureWisely campaign, which aims to increase financial literacy and awareness levels across Europe.

Financial education plays a vital role in ensuring that European citizens are equipped with the knowledge, confidence and skills necessary to improve their understanding of financial products and concepts. Insurance Europe also encourages EU policymakers and regulators to play a greater role in supporting this objective.